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Union Fall 2-1 To The San Jose Earthquakes

A couple of thoughts on the loss from the live discussion over at SB Nation’s own Union blog, The Brotherly Game.

Worst win by a team ever
by kyleshank
Manager of Brotherly Game SBNation’s Philadelphia Union blog

A lot of this is on Nowak. He pushed too many up. You could hear him screaming for players to push up throughout the game, and it’s irresponsible to push all but one or two up at the end of a game unless you’re down a goal or two — at least this casual observer thinks so.
by Ben Feldman
Contributor at The Brotherly Game, SBN’s Philadelphia Union blog

Harvey did absolutely nothing to close him down there.

What a damn shame. Dominated possession, dominated chances, then a sucker punch totally against the run of play at the end of each half. Just deflating.

by PhillyFriar