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Charles Barkley Keeps It Real On LeBron

The great Charles Barkley was on Comcast SportsNet this week and of course addressed the LeBron James to Miami situation. There's a reason the NBA on TNT is the best pregame show in any sport. Barkley keeps it real.

This has been like the national nightmare. I've never been so mad and disappointed in the NBA overall. Number one, they already had this deal done. It's coming out now. Instead of meeting with all these teams... They already had it done.

LeBron should have told the Cavaliers in advance. And Dan Gilbert clearly screwed up, because you can't say all that stuff. Because he got LeBron off the hook. If Dan Gilbert had just said thank you, and blah blah blah... [Instead] he made look LeBron like a better guy.

The best stuff is after the jump.

A lot of these guys take themselves a little bit too serious. Let's see, a teacher, policeman, fireman, doctor, and somebody who's in the service. I truly believe those are the only five real jobs in the world. Everybody else should just shut the hell up and enjoy life. There's five legitimate jobs in life.

It's an honor and a blessing to play a sport for a living, but come on man. Listen, do we make things better ... if someone's having bad day or a city's having a tough time? But you can't think you're the greatest thing in the world if you play a sport--you got to keep it all in perspective.

The notion that you can be born in your hometown and rise from the ashes, that would mean ... First of all, I think for these guys as reporters, if somebody said to you guys, I want to bring a championship to Cleveland. Even 15 years from now, if he hadn't won a championship, everybody would respect him more. Saying, you know that guy wanted to win a hometown championship.

I talked to a bunch of players, and they all say, "If he would have took the challenge of staying in Cleveland..." Now, if he wins one in Miami, it's "Okay, congratulations."

If you're one of those people with the five legitimate jobs, congratulations. If not, I hope you're just enjoying life.