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Halftime Report

Not much to say so far for the game, as there hasn’t been too much action. Union seem to be possessing the ball a lot within Toronto’s last third. Near the end of the half, the Union were able to break into Toronto’s box, only to have Le Toux’s run into the six turn into a pass across the middle, which was met, by Harvey, but found the right post and rebounded out.

Most of Toronto’s chances have come on long freekicks or defensive mistakes but a combination of Seitz and strong backup defending has kept Toronto from scoring.

Some fan commentary from the live chat going on at the Brothley Game, SBNation's Philadelphia Union blog:

Let’s get some scoring chances in the second half and see if we can go an entire game without one of our patented defensive breakdowns! So far, not many complaints considering where TFC is in the standings.

by mattjg