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Will The Phillies Be Buyers Or Sellers At MLB Trade Deadline?

With the MLB trade deadline less than two weeks away, we're opening up this stream to keep track of all the Phillies related news and rumors... So far, it seems like there will be three major storylines to watch.

First, it's the never-ending search for pitching. The Phils could use a starter and a reliever but then again so can virtually every team in baseball.

Second is the infield. With Chase Utley still well over a month away from returning, the Phillies could be looking to bolster their infield with a second or third baseman(which would see Placido Polanco shift to 2nd). There's been a lot of rumors about the Phillies kicking the tires on utility man Ty Wigginton, but those talks seem to have cooled.

Finally, the one no Phillies fan wants to discuss is what the team will do with Jayson Werth. He is in the final year of his contract and if the Phillies have no plans to re-sign him the wise thing might be to move him now for the best deal they can get. That way they'd avoid losing him for nothing. However, if the Phillies still see themselves as a legit contender this year, they may think it's worth losing Werth for nothing if he helps them make a run at another World Series. The way the Phillies play over the next two weeks could go a long way in determining Werth's future.