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Holmgren: Goalie Not A High Priority

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren held a conference call with the media after day one of NHL free agency and was promptly asked about the teams’ goaltending situation.

Right now it’s not high on our priority list. I said at the end of the year, I think Michael had a strong year regardless of what happened in the final and even in the last game. I think Brian Boucher played very well. He had a tough year with injuries, with being behind Ray at the very start he did not get a chance to play early in the year. He won a big playoff series for us. We’re comfortable. Does that mean we’re not going to look around and see if there’s something else out there that makes us better? We’ll certainly continue to do that. But if the season were to start tomorrow, I’d certainly feel comfortable right now with our goalies.

Despite goalie not being a “high priority,” Holmgren traded for the rights to Nabokov and reportedly offered Marty Turco a $6 million deal before free agency even started… So, yeah… Not a high priority?