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Stark: Possible Three-Way Trade Involving Werth In The Works

According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, we may very well have seen the last of Jayson Werth tonight.

Indications Phillies are working on major deal for starting pitcher & would move Jayson Werth in a companion trade. More to come on

[Update by JasonB, 07/20/10 10:51 PM EDT ] Could it be Roy Oswalt coming the other way?

Follow-up on Phillies tweet: Phillies have talked about lots of starters. But hearing they've spent a lot of time exploring an Oswalt deal.

[Note by JasonB, 07/20/10 10:58 PM EDT ] Stark has posted a full run down of everything he's heard on Check out the full article, but here are the main points.

- Another team has told Stark that the Phillies have stepped up their efforts trade Werth in the past week.

- The Phillies have focused on top-of-the-rotation starters and are only looking for a pitcher they can control beyond this year.

- Indications are that the team has spent recent days exploring a trade for Astros Ace Roy Oswalt.