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Liberty Ballers: Battie Is A 'Nothing Of A Signing'

If I were being diplomatic I might say that our boys at Liberty Ballers weren’t excited by Sixers’ signing of Tony Battie. If I were being straight with you … I’d say they hated it with the burning passion of a white hot sun.

This move could not have any less significance. Or at least it shouldn’t. The 34-year-old Battie is Primoz Brezec and Francisco Elson with a less enjoyable name. Over the course of 13 seasons with 5 different teams, Battie averaged 6.4 points and 5.3 rebounds. With the exception of the 05-06 season playing with Dwight Howard in Orlando, his most “productive” years in Boston are way behind him. The 17% defensive rebounding percentage his past two years is indicative of his uselessness. He’s one of those guys that makes you wonder how he’s stayed in the league this long. And it’s because people like Ed Stefanski see a name the recognize, a height above 6’8 and abandon all thought process afterward.

Be sure to read on… it gets better! Or worse if we’re talking about the player.