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Jamie Moyer Headed To DL

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Charlie Manuel told reporters that Jamie Moyer will definitely be headed to the disabled list after leaving last nght's game with what was called a strained left elbow. He described Moyer's injury as similar to the one suffered by J.A. Happ. The same J.A. Happ who has spent nearly all of the first half of the season on the DL. Also the same J.A. Happ that's 20 years younger than Moyer...

Obviously whenever you hear elbow problems for a pitcher you know it's bad. At this point, you'd have to think there's a half decent chance that Jamie Moyer pitched his last game tonight. Hopefully not.

In the immediate future, the Phillies are now in dire need of two starting pitchers. With Kyle Kendrick being optioned to AAA a day ago and now Moyer headed to the DL the Phillies need someone to start this Saturday and Sunday. One will almost assuredly be J.A. Happ, while other will likely come from outside the organization as Phils GM Reuben Amaro hinted tonight.