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ESPN: Oswalt Would Prefer Deal To Cardinals

The Cardinals not only beat the Phillies in three of their latest four game series, they may also beat them to ace Roy Oswalt if the pitcher gets his way. According to ESPN, Oswalt would prefer a move to St Louis.

But much to the Phillies’ chagrin, two people who know Oswalt well said he prefers to land in St. Louis.

Sources who have spoken with the Astros say that while St. Louis might be Oswalt’s first choice, trading their best pitcher within the division isn’t the team’s first choice. The Astros continued to talk to the Phillies, and have tried to lure other clubs into the bidding.

Trading one of your franchises’ all time best arms to a division rival? Who would do that?

Either way, according to NBC sports the Cardinals are the “frontrunner” as of right now.

A major league source tells me that, contrary to what we’ve all been hearing for the past several days, the Phillies are not the front runners for Roy Oswalt. The St. Louis Cardinals are.