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Milt Thompson: 'I Ain't Even Mad'

Todd Zolecki has a few quotes from Milt Thompson

“It’s part of the business,” Thompson said tonight in a telephone interview. “I ain’t even mad. If somebody else can get them going and they can get in the playoffs this year that would be great.”

“I did all I could,” Thompson said. “They’re just not responding this year. A lot of injuries and everything. We just couldn’t get it going. I’m not considered the scapegoat. I’m serious. I work hard. I know that I’m good at what I do. I’ll just move on and do it somewhere else.”

The Phillies told Thompson that they wanted a new voice. He was asked whether he thought that would actually help.

“I can’t explain that,” he said “I can only go by what they told me. They want a new voice. You’ve got to allow them to do that. I’m not upset. I worked hard for the Phillies. I did the best I could.”