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Phillies Trade Rumors: Werth Appears To Be Staying Put

In Jayson Stark’s latest column, he not only quotes Werth as saying he thinks he won’t be traded but also officials from teams who have talked to the Phlllies about trading for the RF.

“They’re 2½ [games] out of the wild card,” said one of those officials. “I don’t see them selling Werth unless they’re overwhelmed by a [win-now] major league piece.”

“I really don’t think [Phillies GM] Ruben [Amaro] can get what he wants for him,” said the other official. “I don’t think he can get the right pitcher. I don’t think he can get the right pitcher/hitter combo. And at this point, he’s not going to take prospects. So I think [Werth] is going to stay right where he is and finish out the year.”