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Eagles Training Camp: Nate Allen Isn't Working On Much Sleep

Nate Allen held a press conference today after his first NFL practice. For a transcript of most of the presser check out Bleeding Green Nation, but I thought this exchange about his lack of sleep was particularly funny. He was literally not allowed into his dorm room until his signature was on the contract. So he had to wait around for a couple hours while his agent hammered out the last little details and wasn't able to get to bed until after 2am. He had to be up 4 hours later.

On when his arrival time was last night:
“About 11:30 pm.”
On whether any of the players were still awake:
“No, I was the last one in and the last one to go to bed last night. I was just waiting to sign.”

 On whether his roommates were asleep when he arrived:
“Oh yea, they were knocked out because I didn’t get into my room until about 2:30 am. So, it was a late night last night.”

On what he was doing between his arrival at 11:30 pm and 2:30 am:
“I was sitting around and waiting because there was still some negotiating, I guess, some small stuff on the contract. I’m not sure exactly what, but they were still negotiating some things.”
On what he was doing in those hours between 11:30 pm and 2:30 am:
“I was sitting around talking because I was dead tired. I was on the couch and almost fell asleep a couple of times, I was waiting.”