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Oswalt Accepts Trade To Phillies

ESPN is reporting that Roy Oswalt has officially accepted his trade to Philadelphia and has therefore waived his no trade clause.

Reports are that the Astros will pick up $11 of the $23 million that Oswalt is owed through 2011. The deal also alters Oswalt’s option year.

Oswalt did not demand that his 2012 mutual option for $16 million be picked up by the Phillies, a baseball source told’s Amy K. Nelson. Instead, if either he or the Phillies chose not to pick it up, his $1 million buyout will increase to $2 million. If Oswalt or the Phillies decline to exercise the option, then the pitcher will make $18 million next season. But both Oswalt and the Phillies must agree on the option for 2012 for him to stay with the team that season, the source told Nelson. reports that in return the Phillies will send P JA Happ, single A outfielder Anthony Gose, & low A IF Jonathon Villar.