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Ilya Kovalchuk's Agent Claims He Has Received An Offer From The Flyers

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Teemu H of @euroflyers has reported the following:

Kovalchuk is considering the offers, but hasn’t decided anything yet. This all according to his agent, Yuri Nikolaev.

He also reported that the Flyers offer is very similar to the other offers on the table for Kovalchuk from other teams.

This offer signals a possible end to Simon Gagne’s career with the Flyers, due to a need to clear cap space to sign Kovalchuk. The current rumor for Gagne has been a swap with the Toronto Maple Leafs for goalie Jean-Sébastien Giguère.

[Note by JasonB, 07/04/10 12:38 AM EDT ] The report has stemmed from the Russian website Life Sports. Here is the fairly crappy translation from google translate.

- While no decision no bargain and there, and there, - said Nikolaev, refer to SKA St. Petersburg as well as NHL.

According to the Life Sports, Ocean principal pretendenami at Ilia at the moment are the "Los Angeles", "Philadelphia" and "Colorado". On Friday it became known that the contract offers yet and the New York Islanders. All the participants transfer the battle to pay about one sum, but Covey can not say the last word.

It does appear to say that all the mentioned teams are in the hunt and are offering a similar deal. Where the Flyers would get the cap space to make such a move is a total mystery.