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Three Phillies Make The 2010 MLB All Star Game

Today, Major League Baseball announced it's all star rosters and three Phillies will be headed to Anaheim to represent the National League. Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, & Roy Halladay will join Phil's manager Charlie Manuel, who will serve as the teams' skipper. Utley makes his 5th straight all star game, a feat only two other 2B have done. Those two happen to be hall of famers Ryne Sandberg & Joe Morgan. The starting lineup for the NL looks like this.

C: Y. Molina, STL
1B: A. Pujols, STL
2B: C. Utley, PHI
SS: H. Ramirez, FLA
3B: D. Wright, NYM
OF: R. Braun, MIL
OF: A. Ethier, LA
OF: J. Heyward, ATL

Of course Chase Utley and Jason Heyward will not play due to injury. Utley and Halladay were both voted into the game and Manuel added Howard.

The NL pitching staff is a thing to marvel at... It features arguably the three best pitchers in the game right now with Halladay, Ubaldo Jimenez, & Tim Lincecum. Oh and Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter is in there as well...