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Michael Vick Had Another Party Scheduled, But Didn't Attend

It was reported yesterday that Michael Vick’s name was being used to promote another “All White” party(the same event where the shooting happened). It was advertised that Vick would be there… However, he skipped the event and instead went to a barbecue in Philadelphia.

Obviously hosting another party open to the public just weeks after the last one ended badly would seem like a massively bad idea. Luckily Vick appears to have learned something.

His brother, Marcus Vick, did attend the event and appears to be the guy behind these parties. If you’ve been following this storystream, you’ll have also seen that Marcus appeared to be the source of all the trouble at the party in Virginia. It’s hard to tell someone that they should distance themselves from their own brother, but maybe Michael should think twice before going out with Marcus in public.