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Jrue Holiday Steals The Show

The story before this game was the debuts of Evan Turner & Derrick Favors, the second and third overall picks respectively… but when the dust settled it was second year man Jrue Holiday who starred.

Liberty Ballers called Holiday “a man among boys.”

Jrue was a man among boys tonight, and the scary thing is he just turned 20. His stellar on-ball defense was on display for most of the game — minus a few Terrance Williams blow-byes. His pick n’ roll play was excellent. His passing was on point. His jump shot looked much improved, especially off-the-dribble. It also looks like he put on about 10 pounds of muscle since the season ended.

CSN Philly praised his poise.

Holiday made 8 of 13 field goals, equaling Nets guard Terrence Williams’ 23 points to lead the way. He also had eight assists and two turnovers, none of which came in the second half. He showed poise as well as a desire to direct the team at both ends of the floor.