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Dan Carcillo Files For Arbitration

The Flyers agitator/playoff bench warmer Dan Carcillo filed for arbitration ahead of Tuesday’s 5 o’clock deadline. Carcillo, a restricted free agent, was handed a qualifying offer from the Flyers after the season. Frequent Flyer picks it up from there.

Carcillo, a restricted free agent, declined to accept the Flyers’ qualifying offer from June 28 – which included at least a mandatory 5-percent raise from last year’s salary.

Per the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, Carcillo was due a minimum of $984,375 for this upcoming season – up from the $937,500 he earned last season.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the player and team will actually go to arbitration. The two sides are free to strike a deal before the date of the hearing. Broad Street Hockey details the NHL arbitration process.

Each side gets 90 minutes to deliver their arguments. First, Carcillo, his representatives and the NHLPA will provide their case as to why he deserves more money. Then, the Flyers and their representatives will provide the counter-argument: essentially, everything bad about Dan Carcillo. Each side then gets an opportunity to argue a rebuttal and deliver a closing argument. Again, each side gets 90 minutes, used as they see fit, to do all of that