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Top Five: Philadelphia Athletes Over 30

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Sports, where 30 is considered old.

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In our last top five we focused on the youth here in the city with the top five Philly athletes under 25... so today I figured I'd give the older guys some love. Of course, only in the sports world is 31 considered "old," but I digress. ... Here are the top five athletes in Philadelphia over 30 years of age.

5. Jamie Moyer - Phillies - 47 years old - Remember how ridiculous it was to give Jamie Moyer a two-year extension after the World Series win? Remember how there was no way he'd still be performing at any decent level at the end of it? Remember how last year he looked finished? Well, the one guy on this list who you might actually be able to call old in the real world continues to prove his doubters wrong as he has enjoyed a resurgent 2010. This year Moyer became the oldest pitcher to throw a shutout, the only pitcher to throw a shutout in four different decades, the 3rd pitcher to win 100 games after turning 40, and the all time leader in home runs allowed.

4. David Akers - Eagles - 35 years old - It's not easy finding guys over 30 on the Eagles these days... it's telling that the one Eagle on the list is a kicker. That said, it's a kicker that's racked up a hell of a resume. In his career with the Eagles David Akers has made four Pro Bowls, 3 first-team All-Pro selections, made the Eagles 75th anniversary team, and was named to the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team.

3. Chris Pronger - Flyers - 35 years old - Pronger is the first sure fire hall of famer on this list. Although he's only spent a year in Philly, he made a hell of an impact helping lead the Flyers to the Stanley Cup Finals. He drives opposition crazy, logs ungodly amounts of ice time, and plays mind games as well as hockey games.  While Pronger's Hall of Fame resume was compiled mostly outside of Philly, it's no less impressive. Stanley Cup champ, Hart Trophy, Norris Trophy, six-time All-Star and two-time olympic gold medal winner. He's an absolute giant of the game and it's a treat for Flyers to be able to watch him night in and night out.

2. Chase Utley - Phillies - 31 years old - Raise your hand if you're a bit surprised that Chase Utley qualified for this list? I know I was. In our inaugural top five we named Utley the most popular athlete in Philadelphia, a title he's certainly earned. Last year, the Sporting News named him #6 on the list of the top 50 current major leaguers. He's made five straight All-Star teams, won four silver sluggers, and of course a world F-ing championship.

1. Roy Halladay - Phillies - 33 years old - There's probably no guy on this list who has more flat out talent than Roy Halladay. I'm not sure that there's an athlete in the city with more talent than Halladay. In fact, he's so good... he's perfect.