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Fan Asked To Remove McNabb Jersey At Eagles Training Camp

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A guy named Jim Devlin from King of Prussia was lucky enough to score a sideline pass for this morning's Eagles practice up at Lehigh University. So he decides to buy a Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey and wear it to camp.

He was asked to take it off by the staff on hand. He also claims that the staff told him that it was Andy Reid who directed them to have him take off his jersey.

I have two takes on this. For one, this guy is obviously a clown. He admits to wearing the jersey to the Phillies/Mets game over the weekend to see what the reaction would be like. He wore it to training camp for the same reason. Really? Get over yourself. There are thousands of fans that would kill for the chance to watch practice from the sidelines and they would do it without being a drama queen looking to call attention to themselves. Plus, you bought a Redskins jersey? I don't care if you're the biggest McNabb fan ever, that's a weak move.

As for the Eagles reaction ... I don't see the point in getting involved. If this clown wants to wear his Redskins jersey, then let him.