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The True Hero Of Last Night's Phillies Comeback ... Hex Boy!

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Carlos Ruiz may have gotten the big walkoff hit last night, but had it not been for the efforts of one particular Phillies fan, would the game ever gotten to the point where Ruiz was up in the spot he was? Of course it would but what fun would that be? Doubt it! Enter Hex Boy!

Let's go to the play by play. Phillies are down by 3 runs in the 9th with Phillies batting practice machine Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton on the mound. Hex Boy springs into action.


Broxton walks a man. There might be something to this... hex on!


Success! Broxton walks the bases loaded! But is Hex Boy overconfident or headstrong? No, just a cautiously optimistic fist pump and a steely glare. Then back to hexing.



Broxton is of course powerless to resist... He fires a meatball right over the plate that Chooch proceeds to smack off the outfield wall for the walkoff. Victory!


Then of course... disbelief. Holy S%&! That actually worked!


Here's to you Hex Boy!