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NFL Preseason, Jaguars At Eagles: Andy Reid Satisfied, But More Work Needs To Be Done

Speaking after the Eagles 28-27 preseason win over the Jaguars, Andy Reid was generally happy with his teams’ effort.

“All in all, I thought it was a good effort. There obviously are some things that we need to work on. We need to do a better job in the red zone. It was nice to get [K] David [Akers] some kicks, but not that many. When you work hard to get into the red zone, you want to make sure you punch it in. The kickoff return units, in particular the second and third groups, need some work. All in all, I thought the effort was there. The [starting] defense only got six plays, but they played well for those six. The offense was able to sustain some drives which really cut down on the first quarter.”

Andy also singled out WR/RB/PR Chad Hall for praise.

“I mentioned in the press conference [the other day] that I thought when given the opportunity, he could play all of the positions – running back, receiver, and the return game. I thought he excelled in all of them. He was a secure catcher of punts, and it looked like he made good decisions in terms of when to let the ball go and when to fair catch it. He also had a nice play from the receiver position and he ran the ball well. I thought he had a productive day.”

Finally, he was happy the chemistry and camaraderie on the sidelines.

“From my standpoint, it did. I don’t know what it looked like or other people perceived it to be, but it seemed like there was great energy and confidence. It was great to see the guys on the sideline who were not in the game supporting the younger guys when they were in the game. When the ones came out, they were all off the bench supporting the twos and the threes, which you like to see. That was encouraging.”