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Chase Utley Could Rejoin Phillies Tuesday To Face Giants

Chase Utley made his second rehab start in Clearwater today and apparently it didn’t go well.

He grounded into a doubleplay in the first inning, grounded out in the third and flew out in the fifth before leaving the game — as scheduled — after seven innings. He also committed a fielding error in the first inning.

Utley tripled in his first rehab start on Saturday.

Clearwater is scheduled for a doubleheader today and the Phillies will decide whether the bring Utley back after seeing him in those games. According to Charlie Manuel, it’s likely Utley will be heading back to rejoin the Phillies Tuesday.

"It’s a probability," manager Charlie Manuel said Sunday afternoon, hours before the game against the Mets at Citi Field. "We’ll see where he’s at. I think he’ll let us know. I trust him, and he and I talk about things like this a lot and I tell him I trust him and I think he would be very truthful to me."