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Scirrotto May Be Long Shot To Make Squad, But Still Thrilled To Be In Camp

A quick feel good story because, hey, he may not be with the team much longer. But for now, Anthony Scirrotto is living out his dream trying to make an NFL team. The former Penn State and western Pennsylvania product may be an extreme long shot to make the squad at wide receiver, but he’s not worried about anything but taking advantage of every day he has in camp.

What makes his story compelling is that Scirrotto bypasses a chance to play professional baseball a year ago in order to continue working towards his dream of playing in the NFL.

“It comes down to this is my first priority – football,” Scirrotto said. “It’s the sport I loved the most since I was in high school and in youth programs. Baseball is a great opportunity for me, but it’s pretty much the backup plan of backup plans.”


Whether or not this is his only chance at catching on with a team in the league is to be determined, but he insists that for now he’s just enjoying the moment.

“As long as I’m out here, I’m playing and I’m participating, it doesn’t matter if I’m practicing or active,” he said. “I just love being around the guys. I love being in this atmosphere. I just love this game. As long as I’m participating, as long as I’m around, I’m not even thinking about baseball.”