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Tweeting Eagles From Lehigh 8/2

Earlier this offseason, I wrote a post over on BGN about how so many of the young Eagles have been embracing social media. More specifically, they're all twittering... and making the trek up to Lehigh hasn't stopped that. So I figured it would be fun to check out what these guys have been saying before, between, and after practice. So what's trending down in Lehigh?

Stewart Bradley spent the time between morning and afternoon practice talking about Lindsay Lohan. "SO Lindsay Lohan is out of jail and in Rehab... thoughts?"

Kurt Coleman thanked god after practice. " am never full of the Word of the Lord. Thank you"

Todd Herremans tweeted a picture of Winston Justice wearing some sort of solar powered backpack saying it was his "new way to recharge."

Big DT Jeff Owens was focused on food after practice "Just ate good, had some Prime Rib with some potatoes and a salad"

RB Charles Scott was tired after practice, but he wasn't done... "Just finished dinner.. My bed sounds nice but we have meetings first.."

Jeremy Maclin wanted everyone to know he stayed late after the morning practice. "Good practice this morning...O and D getting after done bout 10:30 but I haven't left yet gotta maintain the body"