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Preview: Eagles Face Bengals In Second Preseason Game

In an off twist of fate, there will be more starters from the Eagles 2004 Superbowl team on the Bengals than on the Eagles. Dhani Jones and Terrell Owens will both start for the Bengals.

It's a sign of how times have changed for these Eagles and that the rebuilding process that they've undertook since the years following the Superbowl appearance is finally complete. With the exception of Quintin Mikell, who was a special teams player, and David Akers there are no players left from that 2004 team. This is an entirely new team and 2010 is really the first year of their era. Here's what to watch for as the teams takes the field for it's second preseason test.

Offense - The starters will play a full half and will try to pick up where they left off in the Jacksonville game. The first team offense moved the ball at will, but sputtered out when it hit the red zone. It would be nice to get the ball into the end zone, especially they'll be facing a much better defense against Cincy than they did in week one against Jacksonville.  Otherwise they didn't do much wrong in that first game and more of the same from them in this game would be a good thing.

As for the second team, it will be important for Michael Vick to avoid turnovers. He actually played surprisingly well in the first preseason game aside from his two turnovers. We'd like to be able to just say he played well after this game.

Defense - It will be important for the first team defense to just get some work. In the first preseason game the starters only played a quarter and forced two quick three and outs. Combine that with the fact that the first team offense controlled the ball for most of the quarter and the #1 defensive unit was only on the field for six plays. They played well, but it was against a pretty poor offense in very limited time.  With guys like Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco, & Terrell Owens the Bengals will provide a nice test for the D and they'll have a full half to do it.

As for the second team, we'd like to see them limit the big plays. Both Geoffrey Pope and Joselio Hanson were burned for deep TDs against the Jaguars. That needs to improve.

More than anything though... we just want everyone healthy.