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Kevin Kolb Talks About The Performance Of The Offense

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb talked during the game about the performance of the first team offense and why they stalled on their first few drives.

“First of all they have a good defense. Our running game needs to get going a little bit earlier. We need to get into a better rhythm, I think. We just went three and out. We need to get a couple first downs and get into that rhythm. I think that’s what I think will kick-start an offense a lot of times. If we had gotten a couple of five or six play drives, it would help us. We finally did it and we were able to move the ball and got into the red zone and should have had some scores there.”

He also said today was a learning experience for the offense.

“What I like is that we’re getting a lot of different looks. We are seeing a lot of different things, so we’re learning every single day. We’re learning every game. That’s what you want right now, especially with a young group, including myself. We want to learn every time we’re on the field. We learned a lot today and we can get better from it and it’ll help us during the season.”