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Eagles At Chiefs Preseason - Know The Enemy

The Philadelphia Eagles travel to the newly refurbished Arrohead Stadium to take on the Kansas City Chiefs tonight. In an effort to better know our preseason foes, we traded some questions with SBNation Kansas City editor Joel Thormann.

Who is the one guy on the Chiefs that no one outside of KC really knows yet that could be a household name by the end of this season?

Javier Arenas. He's quickly getting a reputation for kick and punt returns. He did a hell of a job at Alabama returning kicks and he's off to a good start in Kansas City. In the first game, he had a 40+ yard return and a 99-yard touchdown return that was called back (for a hold away from the play). In the second game, he returned one kick 54 yards. If all goes well, you'll know his name at the end of the season.

If you could steal a player off the Eagles roster, who would it be?

DeSean Jackson. I'd pair him up with McCluster at receiver and have a Madden-esque game. But seriously the Chiefs have been leaning toward playmakers in this year's draft so I think would take another playmaker like Jackson. Plus, his return ability doesn't hurt. 

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