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Who Should Be On The Flyers "Mount Puckmore"

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Yahoo Sports hockey blog, Puck Daddy, is doing a series called “Mount Puckmore” in which they try to figure out the four people you remember most when thinking about an NHL team. Today, they Flyers were up.


Their picks were Bobby Clarke, Bernie Parent, Ron Hextall, & Eric Lindros.


All good and defensible picks for various reasons… but for me, if there’s one guy I always think of related to the Flyers it’s Dave “The Hammer” Schultz. I’m not sure there’s been a player in sports that’s better defined the character and legacy of a franchise than Schultz did for the Flyers. He was never their best or even among their best players, but his style arguably set the tone for how the Flyers would do business for the next 40 years.


What are your thoughts? Who else should be on the Flyers; “Mount Puckmore?”