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DeSean Jackson And Ellis Hobbs Will Be Returning Kicks For The Philadelphia Eagles This Year

On Monday, wide receiver DeSean Jackson and cornerback Ellis Hobbs were named the team’s starting return men for the 2010 season. It was more or less assumed that the sure-handed and elusive Jackson would be responsible for the punt returning duties, but it was less clear who head coach Andy Reid would name as the primary kickoff returner to start the year. And Reid explained the thought process:

“Well, [Jackson] loves that part of it. Both he and [CB Ellis] Hobbs enjoy doing the return stuff. I’ve kind of held Hobbs out and given [S Quintin Demps] an opportunity back there to do something, and [WR] Chad [Hall] an opportunity. But, both of them enjoy that part of the game, so I’ll probably end up letting both of them do that.

Bleeding Green Nation weighs in on the decision to place the immensely talented Jackson on special teams where he might risk suffering an injury:

Some fans have expressed concern that putting your starters, especially one as valuable as Jackson might not be wort the the risk. Personally, I don’t understand that logic. There’s only 16 games in an NFL season(for now), you can’t afford to not go all out to win every single one. If you aren’t letting your best punt returner return punts then you aren’t going all out to win. DeSean Jackson has game changing ability as a return man, if the Eagles lose a close game he might have been able to influence with a big return, then the fact that he may stayed healthy isn’t going to mean much.