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Eagles Training Camp: Michael Vick Addresses Media

Michael Vick met a cadre of reporters as he walked off the practice field today and addressed his recent meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell.

“We had a great conversation; we’re on the same page now. I understand everything that I am supposed to be doing and that I’m out here to do, and it was a great meeting.”

Vick was also asked how hard he felt it was to live a “zero tolerance life?”

“It’s not difficult living a zero tolerance life, you’ve got guys walking around doing it every day, you’ve got the other 52 guys on the team doing the same thing. Living a life that they are suppose to lead, enjoying themselves, and doing the right thing, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s not hard to live a zero tolerance life, you just put yourself in the right positions at all times and think through situations thoroughly.”