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You've Got To Love Brandon Graham

I think rookie Brandon Graham is going to endear himself to Eagles fans with his play in 2010 and beyond, but he also may become a fan-favorite for his willingness to be candid and his down-to-earth but fiery, self-confident attitude.

During an interview on WIP yesterday, Graham commented on a number of interesting subjects, including how he didn’t want to be perceived as greedy or selfish by not signing before the start of camp, as well as his thoughts on Dez Bryant’s refusal to carry Roy Williams’ pads down in Big D. I’ve included several choice quotes from the entertaining and informative interview.

On if he was anxious that he might not get signed before the start of training camp:

"Well I just didn’t want nobody to think I was holding out. I just didn’t want people to start bad-mouthing me because it wasn’t my call. But I told my agent I was trying to get here on time, and he got that done for me. I’m happy about that."

On the recent Dez Bryant/Roy Williams stuff and if he’s encountered much hazing thus far at camp:

"Well I haven’t seen too much, but I know I have to take the whole D-Line out to dinner. That’s as far as it’s probably going to go. I don’t know. But it don’t matter because I’m used to the hazing stuff because that’s what I was brought up on too. Being hazed when I first got there as a freshman; you know, it’s just an always continuous thing. It’s just about respect, that’s all. You should respect the ones that have been there before you, and if I was Dez Bryant, I would have did it. Because it’s not nothing that they’re trying to do that’s a bad thing, it’s just a fun experience to go through because later on it will be memories."

On if he thinks the Cowboys have forgotten about the incident or if he thinks it will be something that maybe lingers for a bit:

"It’s a big stamp on you saying that you’re selfish and saying that you wouldn’t fight for his teammates for real. Because you know, him saying that he’s here for a Super Bowl, that’s just a lot talk for him. But he’s a selfish guy if he doesn’t do what they ask him to do. Because he knows it’s going to come. He knows it coming in because that’s what you have in the back of your mind – ‘oh, I’m a rookie again, I’m about to get hazed.’ But some people really don’t like that stuff, and it’s just…you can’t get around it."