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Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie Is in Favor Of An 18 Game Season

We’ve got a full recap of Jeff Lurie’s state of the team address over at Bleeding Green Nation, but one of the hot topics over the past couple days at camp has been the possibility of expanding the season to 18 games. Roger Goodell talked about it yesterday and Jeff Lurie addressed it today. Both are clearly in favor.

“I think first of all that it’s long overdue and one of the things that I’ve realized and it’s been almost an embarrassment, is fans don’t like the long preseason. The quality is not there, and I think you have to balance getting ready for a season, and two games I think with all of the training and offseason conditioning that goes on, is it perfect? No, but I think that the fans have spoken and they absolutely would rather see an 18-game regular season and a two-game preseason. I’m not really in favor of expanding the overall games, I think that we don’t want to get like other sports where there are so many games and the physical wear and tear becomes a factor. It already is a factor, we’re going to have to figure out both roster sizes, roster flexibility rules, lots of things like that, but I think that we have been slow to react and I hope that we can in a new collective bargaining agreement certainly go for that as soon as possible.”

Do fans really not like the preseason? Other than season ticket holders forced to pay for preseason games that is…