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Philadelphia Union Lose To Columbus Crew

The Philadelphia Union are young and scrappy. They can be exciting to watch and they generally always play hard. They've almost never looked over-matched in their inaugural season, which is probably a testament to the manager.

Tonight was very much the Union performance we've come to expect. They weren't totally outplayed despite facing a much better team, but defensive lapses and missed chances on the offensive end sunk them. It's painfully obvious that the defense on the team isn't good enough. Goalkeeper Chris Seitz has bounced back nicely from a poor start to the season and is now just suffering from a lack of talent in front of him.

Both goals the Union conceded were the result of Crew striker Stephen Lenhart peeling off a Union defender and running free to the goal. It certainly helped that he got two fantastic crosses, but had any Union defender been capable of sticking with him they could have dealt with the crosses. I thought Lenhart embarrassed captain Danny Califf on the last goal. Jordan Harvey was equally as bad on the first goal.

Part of me wonders if the only reason Danny Califf seems to be a regular selection is that he wears the captain's arm band. Maybe the armband could go to LeToux and Nowak could experiment with some different guys at the back? Clearly the guys back there now(Califf included) aren't getting the job done.