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Eagles Training Camp: Ellis Hobbs Impresses

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By all accounts, the leader in the clubhouse for the starting right cornerback job vacated by Sheldon Brown is former Patriot Ellis Hobbs. Hobbs never really got settled in with the Eagles last season before injuring his neck and being lost for the season. But he's come out in this camp with a new intensity that has the coaches paying attention. Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott

"I’m not surprised at all. I watched him over the years at New England and he, in my mind, has always been a guy that’s played football the way it was meant to be played. He plays hard, he’s quick. He has an aggressive mentality, and that’s what I wanted at the corner position, a guy that’s going to challenge any receiver. It’s a little bit like a John Riggins-type of running player. Four yards and a cloud of dust, and that’s what happens when Ellis is involved. He’s in, he’s out, he’s here, and he’s gone. He’s all over the place. And he’ll hit you at the same time."

Andy Reid

"I love his attitude,'' Reid said of Hobbs. "He's a feisty little dude. He likes to play the game. And he's not going to take anything from anybody and I appreciate that.''

Reid was probably referring to the couple scraps that Hobbs has been involved in. One with rookie WR Riley Cooper and another with second year man Jeremy Maclin. Just from my own observations from the sidelines at camp, you can see how intense Hobbs is. If he makes a mistake on a play, you can hear him yell at himself and whack his helmet. He's really out there on a mission.