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Is Eagles Training Camp Tougher Than Other Camps?

For those of us that have gone to Eagles training camp over the years, there’s nothing really different about how physical it is. After all, most of us don’t really have a basis for comparison. However, when national guys come into camp they always seem to note how physical it is. Adam Schefter was here last week and said “Eagles are hitting — blowing up people — unlike any team I’ve seen in camp this summer.” ESPN NFC East blogger Matt Mosely told me that he saw more hitting at Lehigh than any other camp he’d been to.

So today Andy Reid was asked why he runs a tougher camp than other teams.

“Well, it’s what I said at the beginning of camp, is that I think it’s important that you build a strong foundation and you kind of find out about the guys that are going to be with you later in the year, the guys that are pushing through this. When you get to that last quarter of the season and you’re in striking distance, you’re going to be beat up and sore. Whether you have this camp or you don’t, there are certain guys that will sit out and you kind of find that out here, you find out who’s going to be there and who’s not going to be.”