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Reading's Tagg Bozied may be the Best Player of All Time

Currently leading the AA Eastern League in batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging, the 31-year-old South Dakota native has officially surpassed Dallas Clark as my favorite resident of Sioux Falls. I’m also pretty sure he’s better than Clark at hitting a baseball.


Sporting a 1.027 OPS (second place in the EL has an OPS of just .918), Bozied combines his awesome name with a propensity to mash at the plate. With the rosters expanding tomorrow and a few spots open on the 40, I wouldn’t be shocked if Tagg got his first call to the show. Paul Hoover’s already on his way over.


Plus, then we can make TAG Body Spray and TLC jokes all the time. It’s topical! (Left-Eye Chili T-Boz went 4-5 with his 24th bomb of the season tonight).


Free Tagg.