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Preview: Philadelphia Eagles Host New York Jets In Preseason Finale

Michael Vick will start at QB for the Eagles as they play their final and traditionally least important preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field Thursday against the NY Jets. Andy Reid announced earlier this week that the starters would sit, while the backups and third stringers will both get to play a half in the preseason finale. The fourth preseason game is  typically the one where the guys "on the bubble" of the roster have their last shot to win a job. Andy Reid stressed the importance of this game for both himself and those bubble players.

"You've got to make sure, at least, you want to make sure that you're right. So you are going to exhaust that and try to give these guys as many reps as you can. Are you a 100-percent right with players leaving here and going and being successful with other teams? No, but we're going to try to exhaust ourselves and to make sure we make that right decision. And this game is great for that. It gives you an opportunity for some of these guys that are right on the edge to show you what they have, without starters or with extensive playing time."

Reid also said that there are still jobs up for grabs not only on the Eagles, but on other teams as well. After teams make their final cuts this week, players will move around quite a bit. If a guy puts in a strong performance in this final game, he could very well catch on with another team if he doesn't make the Eagles.

"Well there are spots. I'm telling you there are spots, so it becomes very important for these players. I mentioned that to the ones that were working as a scout team throughout the week, that make sure you give these guys an opportunity, and give them a good look so they can go out and excel. On the other hand, I think you're given an opportunity whether you make it here or whether you make it somewhere else to have valuable film collection that somebody can look at and evaluate you as a football player, not including [Roseman] and myself, but maybe if you have a chance with another team."

The game kicks off at 7:30 Thursday night.