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Halladay Pays Mejia Back, Phils Plate Three

A Werth laser up the middle, a Ruiz shot the same way, and a Wilson Valdez squib down the third base line and the bases were loaded with two outs for Roy Halladay. After Mejia got the best of Halladay last inning, Roy repaid the favor. Shooting a ground ball the other way just past a diving Luis Hernandez, Werth and Ruiz scored to make it a 5-3 ball game.

Next batter Shane Victorino continued his hot hitting from the left side, slicing a ball the opposite way to score Wilson Valdez from third. Going into the back end of the fourth, it’s a 6-3 lead for the Phils, and Mejia may be on his way out of the game having already allowed more runs tonight than he has in any game all season.

Still scoreboard watching in Atlanta, the Cardinals retake the lead on a 2-run shot by Matt Holliday, up 3-1 in the top of the 4th.