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Packers At Eagles: Kevin Kolb And Stewart Bradley Out With Concussions

Kevin Kolb & Stewart Bradley did not return to the field with the Eagles as the team came out for the second half. Both players sustained big blows to the head that had them very slow to get off the field, but both players were re-inserted into the game.

Kolb was hurt after being sacked and driven into the ground by Packers’ LB Clay Matthews. Both Brent Celek & Winston Justice seemed to whiff on blocks on that play. Kolb was seen favoring his jaw and was getting memory tests on the sidelines after the play.

Stewart Bradley’s injury seemed serious at first. His head was hit hard on Ernie Sims’ hip. Bradley tried to get up, stumbled a few steps and fell to the ground. He looked dazed as Eagles trainers looked at him. Amazingly, he was put back in the game two plays later.