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Packers At Eagles: Andy Reid Explains Why Kevin Kolb And Stewart Bradley Played After Concussions

Both Kevin Kolb & Stewart Bradley took nasty hits to the head against the Packers Sunday and both were slow to get up. At the half, we learned that both had sustained concussions. However, both were allowed to return to the game after their hits and before halftime. After the game, Andy Reid was pressed as to why.

On the decision to have QB Kevin Kolb and MLB Stewart Bradley return to the game after originally suffering injuries:

“They were fine. All of the questions that they answered with the doctors registered well, but as it went on, they weren’t feeling well, so we took them out.”

On whether either Kolb or Bradley got hit again after returning to the game:


On how he will proceed with treating the concussions suffered by Kolb and Bradley:

“I am going to meet with the doctors and we’ll see how it all works out here – how they test out.”

On whether he had concerns about reinserting Bradley back in the game after he stumbled off the field originally:

“I know our doctors and [Head Athletic Trainer] Rick [Burkholder] were on top of it. They thought he tested out okay on the sideline.”