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NFLPA Says The Eagles Handled Kevin Kolb And Stewart Bradley's Concussions Appropriately

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There’s been a lot made of the fact that both Kevin Kolb & Stewart Bradley were allowed back in the game briefly after hits that were eventually judged to have given them concussions. The NFL players association looked into the Eagles handling of the players after they sustained the initial hits and determined they acted appropriately. Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer heard from the NFLPA’s top doctor.

Thom Mayer, the NFL Players Association’s medical director, said he came to that conclusion after an NFL doctor spoke to the Eagles medical staff Monday morning to review the steps the team took after Kolb and Bradley got hurt. Mayer said he then spoke with the NFL doctor.

“It appears to me that they followed the procedure as laid out by the commissioner and by the NFL Players Association appropriately,” Mayer said.

The doctor also talked about how it’s not always apparent if a guy has suffered a concussion. He detailed the memory test that is given to check for a concussion, both players passed this test on the sideline.