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Kevin Kolb And Stewart Bradley Fail First Concussion Test

Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion after being sacked by Clay Matthews in the second quarter of the Eagles season opener Sunday. He passed some memory tests on the sideline and was allowed back in the game for a series, but after "not seeing things clearly" on the final drive before the half he was taken out of the game for good.

Stewart Bradley was injured on a play where his head knocked against the hip of teammate Ernie Sims. Bradley attempted to get up after the hit, but stumbled a few steps and fell to the ground in a scary moment. Bradley walked off the field and ended up returning to the game shortly after. However, at halftime trainers decided to shut him down for the day.

League rules mandate that a player diagnosed with a concussion must take three team administered tests during the week until they pass, at which point they must be cleared by an independent 3rd party physician. Kolb & Bradley took the first of these three tests this morning and did not pass.

This puts their status for next week in serious doubt.