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Hamels Sets Career High In Strikeouts, Phillies Lead 2-1

Through six innings, Cole Hamels has racked up an impressive eleven strikeouts, bringing his season total to 199, a career high. In 30 1/3 more innings in 2008, Hamels had 196. Since the All-Star Break, the lefty sports a 92/16 strikeout to walk ratio. Combine that with his 25-inning scoreless streak that ended on a weak base hit in the first inning, and it’s unbelievably impressive what he’s been able to do this season with virtually no run support. Hopefully this quells those opinions feelings of him being too soft.

On a Placido Polanco double and Jayson Werth RBI groundout, the Phillies are one up on the Marlins 2-1 in the 7th inning. With help from our friends in D.C., the Nationals lead the Braves 5-0 behind the rubber arm and rubber bat of Livan Hernandez in Atlanta. The 14-year veteran has thrown eight scoreless innings in addition to a solo home run and RBI double.

A two-game lead would be mighty nice in mid-September.