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Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb, LB Stewart Bradley Fail Second Concussion Test

Eagles coach Andy Reid announced today that Kevin Kolb & Stewart Bradley did not pass their second concussion test today, but said that both players are making progress.

“Alright, injuries. Really the only two players that won’t practice today will be [LB] Stewart Bradley and [QB] Kevin Kolb. They are making progress, they did take the test this morning. They’re making progress from the last time they took it. If they continue to progress tomorrow morning, then they’ll have the opportunity to sit in on meetings. They did not do that today. Again, they are feeling better. Let me tell you, Stewart is ahead of Kevin right now as far as how they feel. I’m going to take this day by day, so I’m not going to tell you if they’re in or out. I’m just going to follow what the doctor’s testing that are taking place and follow that day by day and we’ll cross that bridge down the road later in the week as far as status.”

The fact that he said Stewart Bradley was ahead of Kolb is probably telling. At this point you would have to assume it’s very unlikely Kolb will play this Sunday.