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Eagles At Lions: Michael Vick Reacts To Being Named Starter

This Sunday when he leads the Eagles into Detroit to face the Lions, Michael Vick will start his first NFL game in four years. The Falcons' season finale in 2006 was the last start he made.

Vick said that the fact he was named starter won't change how he prepares for game very much.

"No. Ultimately, I just want to have a great week of preparation and get myself physically and mentally ready to go out and play this game Sunday, and go out and try to be effective and help this team get a win."

He also stressed that this week has been about getting chemistry with the Eagles first team offense.

"It's my first time practicing with the first team, trying to get chemistry with them, and just get on the same page with those guys. You have go out there and you have to get reps. And you have to just go out there and practice hard and try to be efficient in practice, and try to envision yourself at game speed and doing things that you are going to try to simulate in the game. So, it was great to get out there with the first unit and get the reps all week, and feel good about my preparation."

He was when was the last time he felt this good.

"It's been a long time since I felt this good physically and mentally. I'm just glad that I had a chance to work myself back into football shape and I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to come back and play this game. So thankful for all of the people who helped get me in this position and put me in this position, [NFL commissioner] Roger [Goodell], Tony [Dungy] and [head coach] Andy [Reid]. So I just have to thank God and thank those who were very instrumental in that process."

Finally, he admitted that it will be a surreal moment when he takes this field this Sunday as the starter.

"It's a surreal moment. Honestly, I didn't think it was going to happen this early. As a backup, you kind of a get into a mode of thinking that you're not going to play even though you just have to be prepared for whatever happens. I kind of got relaxed for a minute and obviously I was thrown into the fire and wasn't expecting it, but hey, you're a professional player, you've got to be ready, you've always got to be on top of your game and be ready to go. Like I said, it's just a great feeling to have an opportunity to go out and start and play and try to help this football team win a football game."