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Kevin Kolb And Stewart Bradley Not Feeling Any Lingering Effects From Concussion

At his Friday press conference yesterday, Andy Reid told reporters that Kevin Kolb & Stewart Bradley were not feeling any lingering effects from the concussions they suffered last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

Reid did say that Bradley had been ahead of Kolb in his recovery during the week,

“Well, they both feel good, so I’m not sure the level to tell you. They both feel very good right now to where they can go meet with Dr. Welch. I will tell you this though, that Bradley was there before Kevin, at that point. Bradley’s felt pretty good here for a couple days.”

The Dr Welch he refers to is the independent physician that both players must be cleared by before they can be allowed to play again. Now that Kolb & Bradley have passed the concussion test administered by the team, NFL rules state that an independent 3rd party physician must also clear the players.

Dr. William Welch is the chief of Neurosurgery at University of Pennsylvania hospital.