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Werth Singles, Phillies Tack on Another, 3-1

After being hit by a pitch right on the hip and stealing second on a called third strike for Ryan Howard, Placido Polanco was in scoring position for Jayson Werth. This season, that’s been a bad place to be with Werth at the plate. But a first pitch right in his wheelhouse turned into a line drive to left and Polanco came around to score.

This turned out to be the last pitch of the game for Yunesky Maya, exiting after 4.2 innings and three runs in, with one still on the basepaths. Ibanez singled, so Schneider steps up with two runners on. A double-steal later and Schneider was in prime position to add to his RBI total, but a strikeout ended the inning.

After Feliciano retired Brian McCann, Derrek Lee stepped in to face Manny Acosta with the bases loaded and two outs. Having only surrendered three home runs this season, Acosta was not expected to give up a bomb to the quickly aging veteran. But he did. Braves lead 6-2.