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Werth's 25th Gives Phillies 3-0 Lead

Until a complete bomb to left-center, the Phillies had five hits over 2.1 innings and nothing to show for it. With Polanco and Utley on base, Jayson Werth continued his torrid pace, hitting his fourth home run in five games and giving the Phils an early lead for Roy Halladay. This piece of yardwork gave Jayson his 100th run of the season, his career high and the first Phillie to do so this season.

Raul stepped up next and slapped a double to left off the diving glove of scuffling Nate McLouth. This was it for starter Mike Minor, who had been getting knocked around all game. Yesterday’s starter Brian Beachy didn’t make it out of the fifth inning last night, and Bobby Cox will have to dig into his bullpen even earlier tonight. Christhian Martinez enters the ballgame and promptly intentionally walks Carlos Ruiz.

To simplify: More runs = Better chance at Halladay winning his 20th.