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LeSean McCoy Ready To Shoulder The Workload In Philadelphia's Backfield

Now that legendary running back Brian Westbrook is no longer with the team, the door is ajar for 2009 second-round pick LeSean McCoy to emerge onto the scene in his second year with the Philadelphia Eagles. The former Pitt Panther showed more than enough last year to convince Andy Reid and the Eagles coaching staff that he could be entrusted with the primary rushing duties in 2010.

McCoy joined the programming on WIP in Philadelphia on Tuesday to talk about being named the starter heading into the regular season, why he thinks he’s ready to excel in the new role, what Kevin Kolb has brought to the Eagles offense so far this offseason and preseason, and why he thinks teams and fans shouldn’t sleep on the Eagles. Below are a few choice excerpts from the interview.

How he feels heading into this year as the featured running back:

“I feel pretty confident knowing the supporting cast I have around me, a lot of great guys. We have a high-powered offense so I feel real confident. I think if we also get these younger men in we are going to be unstoppable.”

Whether he is going to be able to pick up blitzes similar to how Brian Westbrook would:

“Definitely. I think the biggest thing with Brian is he is so smart. He knew the game and that stuff helped him out so much. He knew the game so well and when those guys blitzed he knew where they were coming from it never really fooled him. When he was here that was one of the biggest things that he was teaching me so it was kind of great having a guy like that around to be able to kind of see things through his eyes, pick his brain a little bit and learn from him. So now when I watch tape and kind of prepare for games, it is Brian did it.”

What he can say to assure the fans that this team hasn’t taken a step back:

“I mean the whole Eagles franchise and history we have always been a good team. I think you have got to have confidence in the coaching staff to make these changes, I think for the better. You will see. You will find out. Just have confidence is us, man. We are them same birds.”